If your website is not 'responsive' you are losing business. FACT

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'RESPONSIVE DESIGN' is the new way of designing websites so that they can be read easily on whatever devise they are being used on, because it is aware of the size of your screen and 'responds' by adjusting the layout accordingly.

The old way

Most websites today are designed for desktop computers only, forcing mobile viewers to be confronted with a huge amount of information SCALED DOWN to fit their comparatively tiny screens. Of course these shrunk down pages cannot be read, so you are then forced to 'zoom, pan, and scroll'. The experience is tedious.

FACT - if your audience has to 'zoom', 'pan' left and right as well as scroll up and down just to read what's on your website, it is said that 30% of YOUR CUSTOMERS will loose interest and SEARCH ELSEWHERE. Would you not think it was strange if you had to do this on your desktop screen just to read what was on it? Zooming and horizontal panning was a very clever 'work-around' when mobile web design was in its infancy, but not now. Of course another familiar work-around was to have your site redesigned for the iPad/tablet and mobile devices and have 2 or even 3 sites running, some even requiring separate content editing, but this was extremely expensive and labor intensive. Large companies have invested literally millions in such 'solutions.' Well now the answer is here, it costs a lot less than you think?

The new way

Responsive website design: Now that responsive design is here, your customers are much less likely to stray, as their experience is far more practical and accessible than ever before. With responsive design you no longer have to spend millions creating and maintaining your desktop site and mobile versions of your site just so that your customers can read your content properly. AND responsive design is infinitely more COST EFFECTIVE.

Creationz have been refining the art of responsive design for 2yrs now, so we not only design responsive - we do it well. Call Arhon today to find out more: 07941100663

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Responsive design
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