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Booklet – Benson & Company

For Benson & Company, we helped develop and hone their unique brand. This is a training booklet which showcases a selection of their vast array of courses provided to companies internationally. This distinctive brand dares to be black and white, both in its ethos and is visual manifestation. This approach is very brave, as the temptation to use colour has great. Therefore, sticking to the core principles the brand, has resulted in something very unique. For Benson & Company we have also created a strong direct mail campaign, stationary, brochures with more to come, so watch this space.

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Nelson Mandela

Portrait created by Arhon Ankhkara as a tribute to a truly exceptional man. An angel in our midst. Thank you Mandela, you inspired me and the whole world, you lifted the lid on what can be achieved.

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Human Rights & Equality Website

Website designed recently for the Human Rights And Equality Consultancy. This website was designed and built for the Joomla CMS. It includes a host of features such as membership, news, blogs, search queries, easy to manage backend content, cookie control, specially created accessibility toolbar, and much more.

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Our Blogs! – introduction

Welcome to our blog area: This area includes some of our specially featured projects and other important topics covered especially for you. It is also designed to give you an insight into some of the exciting projects we have been fortunate enough to be part of, as well as including some of the behind the scenes info you may not pick up anywhere else on the site.  But lastly and foremostly it provides you with the chance to comment. So why not feedback and let us know your thoughts, or share a little love and give us a Facebook likey-likey thumbs up;-)

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Logo design – recent project

Client: Love Abridged | Products: logo, promotional material, website

We are delighted to share our latest solutions created for the Love Abridged project. The Love Abridged project is an exciting  project which was recently setup by jazz pianist, composer and educator Mr. Trevor Watkis. This project involved the creation of their new logo, promotional material, which included: A5 page leaflet and 2 6ft banners. We also created a micro site which the publicity was sign-posted to.

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SEO made easy

If you have a website, or you are thinking of having one created for you it is imperative that your site is well optimized. Today more and more people are familiar with using the web, but for those who are unfamiliar with the process or the considerations necessary to create one, we feel this featured video provides a great introduction into Search Engine Optimization [SEO]. Please visit this blog area again, as we will be adding more clear, and clearly pertinent information that will help you become more SEO savvy.

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