Annual Report - NDAP -

Annual Report – NDAP


For this annual report we wanted to create solution that embraced islamic culture to reflect the organizations commitment to diversity. As with islamic art many of the graphics were based on circles. Rather than your bog standard obligatory statistical graph inclusions, we decided to make each graph a decorative feature throughout the document – providing descriptive visuals that would draw the reader in with a level of intrigue.

The cover was screen printed with green ink on black paper, giving it a subtly unique quality and feel. Printing the cover on black paper also meant the spine and the edges would not crack or chip over time and reveal what would usually be white paper underneath.

The inside pages were printed on pastel green, slightly textured recycled paper – good for the environment and gorgeous on the eye. The colour in the paper also meant that we could print in monochrome (which was more economic) and still give the feeling of colour.

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